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Intake Air Humidity System

Intake Air Humidity System

Intake Air Humidity System
Intake Air Humidity System

Intake Air Humidity Refrigeration Unit

The Intake Air Humidity Unit is equipped with a adjustable refrigeration system replacing the ice tower previously used for chilling and dehumidifying intake air to research and motor method octane test engines.

This unit is connected through the humidifier tube to the carburetor for regulating the moisture content of intake air into octane engine at a constant 25-50 grains of moisture prescribed of dry air as specified by ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885.
Intake Air Humidity Unit for knock test engine
The Refrigeration System

The Refrigeration System

is equipped with a separate stainless-steel reservoir of 10-liter refrigerating liquid.
The temperature range of the cooling fluid could to be from ambient temperature to -10°C with the stability of 0.5°C. The refrigerating temperature and refrigerating time are adjustable, using a digital control panel.
The cooling circulation system

The cooling circulation system

 is equipped with a pump to circulate the cooling fluid to octane engine's carburetor and to sample fuel bowl which needs chilling.
Plastic hoses are used for connecting to the carburetor by the quick disconnects couplings for cooling the sample fuel bowl. This circulation system includes a condensate pan and drain line.
The temperature control panel

The temperature control panel

includes a main power switch, a pump power switch, a refrigerating time adjust-key and a digital display for temperature controller.
The equipment comes with sound-light alarm, when it's lack of cooling liquid.

Specification of Intake Air Humidity System

Applicable Standard

ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885


For RON and MON method Octane engines

Temperature Control

Digital control panel

Temperature Cooling Range

From laboratory ambient to -10°C

Temperature Stability


Intake Air Chilling


Cooling  Fluid Volume

8-10L liquid

Cooling Medium

Ethylene glycol

Circulation Mode

Pump circulates the cooling liquid from the reservoir to engine’s carburetor through plastic hoses

Connection Mode

Quick connect/disconnect

Power Switches

A main power switch and a pump power switch

Power Supply

220V 50Hz/60Hz 2KW

Safety System

Sound-light alarm for shortage of cooling liquid




46x46x160cm (without humidifier tube)

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