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Gasoline Octane Number Tester Air Regulator

Gasoline Octane Number Tester Air Regulator

The air regulator of gasoline octane number tester, referred to as "ice tower", is an important supporting equipment of gasoline octane number tester.
During octane number test, continuous air is required to participate in combustion. In order to ensure the stability of the instrument and the accuracy of the experimental results, there are special requirements on the air humidity entering the engine.

The ice tower uses low-temperature cooling and dehumidification method to reduce the moisture content in the air, so that the air involved is kept in a certain state of relative humidity (generally rh30-35%) and sent to the combustion system, so as to play a role in regulating the air humidity. At the same time, it can provide cooling function for fuel oil of volatile sample through reserved pipeline.

This instrument is specially designed and manufactured by Shanghai Sinpar for supporting American CFR octane number tester. Shanghai Sinpar provides customers with high quality products, perfect service and rich technical experience. Welcome to order.
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