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Inspection and Necessary Preparations Before Starting and Using Octane Engine

Inspection and Necessary Preparations Before Starting and Using Octane Engine

The principle of octane engine is to measure the knock intensity of fuel.

Before starting the octane engine, we should make a comprehensive inspection of the equipment and necessary preparations. The specific contents are as follows:

1. Turn on the power switch.

2. Check water, electricity and sundries;

3. Check whether the clearance of the intake valve is 0.004in (left is intake valve); whether the exhaust valve is 0.014in (right is exhaust valve). If not adjusted accordingly, the adjustment method is to loosen the nut first and then adjust it with the plug ruler. Note: Check here at least once a month;

4. Check the state of octane number machine before test.
(4.1) Check whether there is distilled water in the condenser and the water level is between 5 and 10 mm. If it is not enough, it should be filled in place.

(4.2) Check whether the crankcase oil is in the middle position, if the oil is not added to make the oil level reach the middle position (pay attention to the application of SAE30 type oil).

(4.3) Check if the cooling fluid is enough. Then turn on the refrigerator.

5. Check the mechanical and electrical zeros of the detonation meter.

6. Tuning counter reading below 500;

7. Turn on the turn-on knob to see whether the wheel is clockwise from the front.

8. Add more than 90 gasoline to the fuel bowl and expel bubbles.

9. Check whether the inlet valve rotates freely or not.

10. Read the atmospheric pressure, find out the corresponding correction number, and make the correction on the counter.

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