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Octane Rating Engine Analysis of Six Functional Characteristics

Octane Rating Engine Analysis of Six Functional Characteristics

Octane rating engine is an octane analyzer used to measure the explosion resistance of gasoline for automobiles and ignition engines. It is suitable for enterprises that prefer to test samples by compression ratio method, such as users with fewer sources, more quantity and long continuous working time, and large refineries, large oil deep processing and marketing companies, etc.

The octane rating engine based on standard engine is the most complex and comprehensive test engine in the octane analyzer. It is indispensable equipment in gasoline production, deep processing and quality testing.

Functional characteristics of octane rating engine:
1. The octane engine has two standard test methods: motor method and research method, which can meet the different requirements and choices of users to the greatest extent.
2. Four-Bowl Falling Level (with a cooling function).
3. The new carburetor realizes micro-adjustment of liquid level, and the maximum detonation liquid level is easy to determine and has good repeatability.
4. Compression ratio can be adjusted automatically or by clicking. Limited protection is provided for cylinder block rising or falling, which is safe and reliable.
5. Touch human-computer dialogue, simple and reliable operation, visual and clear display;
6. Under the control of computer system, the functions of collecting, calculating and displaying test results are completed.

cfr octane rating engine with XCP
Octane rating unit with SXCP control panel

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