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Combination Octane Rating Unit FTC-M2 with SXCP System

The Advanced Solution For Octane Testing

Combination Octane Rating Unit FTC-M with SXCP
Combination (Research and Motor Method) Octane Rating Unit FTC-M2 with SXCP System is the latest generation of octane rating unit with many easy-to-use features including automatic functions and enhanced documentation capabilities, conforming to the latest ASTM D2699 (RON) and ASTM D2700 (MON) Standard Methods.

SINPAR SXCP Octane Rating Panel System delivers consistent and reliable test results, with standard features including on-screen octane rating operation, on-screen octane test reports, falling level program, automated data recording, auto-set & auto-calculation system, integrated maintenance logs, and comprehensive safety system.


Combination Octane Rating Unit FTC-M with SXCP ASTM D2699 (Research Method)
ASTM D2700 (Motor Method)
ISO 5164 (Research Method)
ISO 5163 (Motor Method)
IP 237 (Research Method)
IP 236 (Motor Method)

Basic Information



Working Range

40-120 octane number

Operation Conditions

Engine Speed (Motor)

900±9 rpm

Engine Speed (Research)

600±6 rpm

Ignition Timing (Motor)

Variable as Cylinder Height (C.R.) is Changed

Ignition Timing (Research)

13° BTDC

Intake Air Temperature (Motor)


Intake Air Temperature (Research)*1

52°C±1°C at Std. Barometric Pressure,
Depends on Barometric Pressure

Intake Mixture Temperature (Motor)*2


Intake Air Humidity

25-50 Grains of Water/lb. Dry Air

Crankcase Oil Temperature


NOTE:*1 See ASTM D2699 for details.

NOTE:*2 See ASTM D2700 for details.

Engine Information

Compression Ratio (C.R.)


Cylinder Bore (Diameter)

82.55 mm (Standard)


114.30 mm

Carburetor Venturi (Research)

14.30 mm

Intake Valve Clearance (Hot)

0.20 mm±0.025 mm

Exhaust Valve Clearance (Hot)

0.20 mm±0.025 mm

Intake Valve Opens Timing

10°±2.5° ATDC

Intake Valve Closes Timing

34° ABDC

Exhaust Valve Opens Timing

40° BBDC

Exhaust Valve Closes Timing

15°±2.5° ATDC

Crankcase Oil Pressure

172 kPa - 207 kPa

Function Information

Operating Panel

SXCP Digital Control Panel

Knock Meter

Automated Digital Knock Meter

Compression Ratio Adjustment

Motor-Driven (Auto-Adjust)

Compression Ratio Display Device

Dual Indicator & Digital Counter

Engine Speed Conversion

Dual-Speed Motor


Four-Bowl Falling Level (with a cooling function)

Ignition Timing Display

Digital (Auto-Set)

Crankcase Pressure Display


Electronic Barometer


Oil Pressure Display


Oil Temperature Display


Report Generation


Maintenance Log


Air Humidity Control System


Exhaust Surge Tank System


Unit Safety System


The SINPAR SXCP touch-screen octane panel with easy-to-follow guidance simplifies the fuel rating operation process.
Auto-Set Techniques
Auto-Settings for Intake Temperatures, Ignition Timing and C.R. Digital Counter (Cylinder Height). Manual adjustments for basic parameters are also available.
SXCP Professional Software
The SXCP Professional Software provides user-friendly interface and simple octane rating procedures of ASTM RON and MON test methods.
Automatic calculation and optimization system minimizes human errors and other failures. New operator requires less training to achieve proficiency.
SXCP Professional Software
Falling Level Program
Falling Level Program is used with four-bowl variable-level carburetor for determining maximum K.I. without manual adjustment of fuel level.
The operator can efficiently and accurately run a falling level test by PROCEDURE B in ASTM D2699 and ASTM D2700 Standards.
Falling Level Program
Electronic On-Board Barometer
Electronic On-Board Barometer is used for C.R. Digital Counter Correction as per ASTM method specifications.
Sensor-Measured Cylinder Height
The Cylinder Height is measured and adjusted automatically accurately by a specialized sensor-measuring and motor control system. The results are displayed in compensated and uncompensated readings that are recorded in the test report.
Electronic On-Board Barometer
Automated Digital Knock Meter
The Digital Knock Meter displays actual and accurate K.I. values and real-time waveform, thus realizes more consistent and reliable octane test results.
Meanwhile, the data and calculation results are recorded automatically to generate octane rating report.
Digital Knock Meter
Automated Data Recordings
The Data Recordings as well as octane rating reports including KI values, octane numbers, temperatures and pressures data, fuel level values and critical operating parameters, are automatically captured and presented in a PDF report. That can avoid human recording and calculating errors.
Report is easy to review, print and save.
Automated Data Recordings
More Safety System
The Safety System protects octane engine with full-system monitoring and E-stop, that ensures long service life and carefree operation.
More Safety System
Maintenance Logs
The Logs (including records of engine hours, cylinder hours, oil-change intervals and Maintenance/Service operation comments) can be displayed on screen for easy reference.
Maintenance time is regularly reminded.
Maintenance Logs
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