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Octane Engine Lubrication System

Octane Engine Lubrication System

The octane engine lubrication system includes an externally mounted gear oil pump, an externally mounted oil pressure control valve, and a full flow oil filter. SAE 30 Grade engine crankcase lubricating oil is circulated through the gallery passages of the crankcase to all bearings and critical moving parts.

Octane Engine Lubrication System

Octane Engine Crankcase Lubricating Oil

  • SAE 30 Grade oil meeting the current API service classification for spark-ignition engines.
  • Kinematic Viscosity: 9.3 to 12.5 cSt(mm2/s) at 100℃(212°F).
  • Viscosity Index: 85 minimums.
  • Operating Oil Pressure with Engine Hot and Running: 172 – 207 kPa (25-30 psi).
  • Operating Oil Temperature: 57℃±8℃ (135°F+/- 15°F).
  • Crankcase Oil Level:

※Engine Stopped and Cold: An oil level near the top of the sight glass will typically  provide the proper level when the engine is running and hot.

※Engine Running and Hot: Middle of sight glass.

Oil Pressure Adjustment

Adjusting Oil Pressure Using Oil Pressure Control Valve. The Steps of Oli Pressure Adjustment:

  • Warm up the crankcase lubricating oil until at specification temperature.
  • Start the octane engine. Wait a few seconds to observe the oil pressure indicated by the oil pressure gauge.
  • Remove the acorn nut from the oil pressure control valve.
  • Loosen the lock nut and make the necessary adjusting screw changes to produce an oil pressure of 172 – 207 kPa (25-30 psi).
  • Tighten the lock nut. Observe that the pressure remains within specification. Install the acorn nut.
octane engine oil pressure control valve
Oil pressure control valve

NOTE: Observe the oil pressure at octane engine startup and adjust the control valve screw as required to ensure that oil pressure is maintained at the specification value. Disregarding this information could result in product damage.
NOTE: Observe the crankcase oil level in the sight glass on the side of the crankcase as the octane engine is started. If the level becomes low, shut the unit down and add additional oil. Disregarding this information could result in product damage.

For SINPAR FTC-M2 octane engine, if the oil pressure is not within a reasonable range, the octane rating unit will automatically stop within a minute. This is a necessary part of safety system to protect the octane engine.

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