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Octane Test Engines

SINPAR FTC-M2 octane test engines provide the complete solutions for fuel octane testing, also referred to as the "engine knock test", measuring gasoline characteristics related to engine knocking, by Research Method (ASTM D2699 RON) and Motor Method (ASTM D2700 MON). The engine unit is equipped with a standardized single cylinder with variable compression ratio, a heavy-duty crankcase with flywheel connected to main electrical motor, a jacket coolant system, a four-bowl carburetor with adjustable fuel to air ratio, an intake air system with controlled temperature and humidity equipment, electrical controls and a combustion knock measurement instrumentation. The FTC-M2 Engine original design was based on compliance with all the technical parameters and test procedures specified in the ASTM D2699&D2700 standards, which are the globally recognized standard test methods for determining octane number of motor fuels. After more than a decade of worldwide use, the FTC-M2 engine has been demonstrated to be fully compliant with ASTM D2699&D2700.
Accessories for Octane Engines
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