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Octane Analyzer Detection Range

Octane Analyzer Detection Range

Octane analyzer is simple to use and does not require regular adjustment and special maintenance. Octane meters are recommended for use in oil storage, gasoline filling stations, and gasoline production line sample inspections to eliminate artificial influences in oil product quality assessments.

Octane level measurements are based on the relative analysis of the parameters obtained from the gasoline analysis and the gasoline reference parameters stored in the microprocessor.

The octane analyzer design and measurement algorithm provide a high level of noise immunity, so the measurement is very stable. When the octane level of the gasoline mixture is controlled between 40 and 120, and measuring non-standard fuels. (such as natural gasoline (gasoline concentrate) or raw gasoline). There is an optional adjustment instrument that a skilled user can complete without the assistance of the octane analyzer manufacturer.

Two points to note:
1. The error between repeated measurements should not exceed 0.5 units of the octane level
2. Absolute error: The error between the indicated value of octane analyzer and the indicated value of the same instrument in the laboratory environment should not exceed 0.5 unit of octane level.

CFR octane analyzer
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