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Automatic Reference Fuel Blending Unit Description

Automatic Reference Fuel Blending Unit Description

SINPAR Automatic Reference Fuel Blending Unit is used for the automated preparing the blends of cetane and octane reference fuels and check fuels for octane/ cetane test engines according to ASTM D2699, D2700, D613.

All the main parts of the blending unit are installed in a removable industrial cabinet.
The reference fuel blending unit requires the 100-120VAC or 200-240VAC 50/60 Hz power supply.
To avoid fire hazard the connection of the cabinet to the laboratory’s ventilation system is recommended, or the complete laboratory must be well vented. This is the case with most octane laboratories.

The build-in touch screen panel with easy-to-use SINPAR software simplifies blending operation process.

A SARTORIUS electronic balance with the precision of 0.01g is placed in the upper part of the cabinet, behind the window. The 1000 ml sample vessel is placed on the balance.

Behind the lower door there are 6 tanks for the following:

  • iso-octane (ISO)
  • n-heptane (HEP)
  • toluene (TOL)
  • 80/20 blend (80/20)
  • n-cetane (NC)
  • heptamethylnonane (HMN) or
    alpha-methyl-naphthalene (AMN).

The volume of each of the 6 tanks is 10 Liter.

Behind the back door, there are six independent fuel transfer pipeline systems with dosing pumps and the fan for venting the vapors from the blending enclosure.

There is a level switch in the top of each container. If one of the containers is near to empty, the computer will produce an audible alarm and will not allow blending until the container is filled.

There are solenoid valves in the bottom of the tanks for filling from exterior tanks.

Automatic reference fuel blending unit for cfr octane engines
SINPAR Automatic Reference Fuel Blending Unit for octane/cetane test engines
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