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Reference Fuel Blending System

Reference Fuel Blending System

Automatic Octane/Cetane Reference Fuel Blending Unit

Reference fuel blending system unit for cfr octane cetane engines

Automatic Reference Fuel Blending System Unit equipped with 6 tanks, is used for the automated preparation of cetane and octane reference and standardization fuel blends for Octane Engine and Cetane Engine according to ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885, and ASTM D613.

Automatic Reference Fuel Blending System Unit

Features & Benefits

ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885, ASTM D613
It’s suitable for long-time error-free octane/cetane rating operation.
High Precision
A high precision balance is used for gravimetric measurement to improve precision of octane/cetane test results.
Simple Operation
Built-in touch-screen panel with easy-to-use software simplifies the blending operation process.
Accuracy and Efficiency
Automatic calculation program controls the whole blending process to eliminates human error and improve the efficiency of cetane/octane number determination.
Safety and Real-Time Monitoring
The unit is equipped with electrical protection & temperature monitoring system.
Temperature and blending material level in tank are monitored in real time.

Automatic Blending By Weight

SINPAR Reference Fuel Blender prepares the reference fuel blends by weight (precision balance) based on the ASTM test methods. With the automatic calculation and control program, a high precision balance delivers an accurate and reliable fuel blend value with the precision of 0.01g.

Professional Fuel Blending Software

The professional operating software makes fuel blending simple and accurate.
The operator just needs to select the blending method, input the target octane/cetane number&sample volume, and start blending. The accurate fuel blend is delivered automatically.
Blend data is automatically saved in the computer and can be printed as the blend certificate.
Free Blending function is offered for a special fuel blending for special engines.

Specification of Reference Fuel Blending System

Applicable Standard
ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885, ASTM D613
For Cetane and Octane Determination
Measurement Mode
Gravimetric Measurement by Precision Balance
Fuel Blending Mode
Automatic Fuel Blending System with Software
Operating Mode
Built-in Touch Screen Computer
Tank Quantity
6 Tanks of 10L each, for Iso-Octane, N-Heptane, Toluene, 80/20 Blend, N-Cetane, and HMN/AMN
±0.01 ON/CN
External Filling System
Automatic Refill Mode (option)
Monitoring System
Real-Time Monitoring for Fuel Temperature & Level in Tanks; Low Level & Overfilling Warning
Calibration Function
Precision Electronic Balance and Dosing Pumps
Blend Data
Auto-Saved Data including Date Time, Serial Number, Test Method, Blending Components, Blend's Parameters
Power Supply
100-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Safety System
Electrical Protection System and Temperature Monitoring
165kg (with empty tanks)

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