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Automatic Reference Fuel Blender-How to Prepare Octane Blends?

Automatic Reference Fuel Blender-How to Prepare Octane Blends?

ASTM Octane/Cetane test method requires repeated blending of reference fuels and check fuels in volumetric proportions. Blending shall be performed accurately because rating error is proportional to blending error. SINPAR Automatic Reference Fuel Blender with the Automatic Gravimetric Blending System can effectively avoid the human error and improve the accuracy of the octane/cetane test results under control of computer. Its automatic blending operation process is very simple and fast. Operator can master it quickly and without any training.

Automatic reference fuel blender-octane reference fuel blending operation:

automatic reference fuel blender operation screen
Reference fuel blending operation main screen

Using the built-in touch screen, press the BLENDING button to enter the octane and cetane reference fuel blending screen, and select the OCTANE BLENDING to start prepare a blend.

octane reference fuel blending
Octane reference fuel blending operation screen

There are five blending modes according to ASTM standards to be chosen for octane blending process:
ISO+HEP: Blending from Isooctane and heptane.
RON: Blending from check fuels (TSF blend) according to ASTM D2699 (RON)method.
MON: Blending from check fuels (TSF blend) according to ASTM D2700 (MON)method.
80/20: Blending from 80 octane PRF blend and Isooctane.
FREE: For Free Octane Blending.

To prepare the blends, the two values of target blend shall be input or select:

1) The target octane number to be reached.
2) The target volume of the blend in ml.

octane reference fuel blending system

The operator shall simply enter the targeted octane number and the targeted amount in ml of the reference or check fuel required. The computer will automatically prepare the blend according to the ASTM tables.

Just press the START button, the reference fuel blending system will automatically prepare an exact blend within 60 seconds.

Automatic reference fuel blender is an important option for octane/cetane test engine. It takes less than two minutes to prepare an exact blend, greatly saving operator time, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of octane/cetane test.

Automatic Reference Fuel Blender
SINPAR Automatic Reference Fuel Blender
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