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ASTM D2699 RON Test Method

ASTM D2699 RON Test Method

ASTM D2699 (RON) is an internationally accepted test method using RON test engine to test the knock rating of spark-ignition engine fuel in terms of Research Octane Number.

ASTM D2699 (RON):Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel

ASTM D2699 (RON) test method is used to test the knock rating of spark-ignition engine fuel in Research Octane Number. The sample fuel is tested using a standardized RON test engine with a single cylinder, four-stroke cycle, variable compression ratio, carburetor. The RON test engine runs in accordance with a defined set of operating conditions. The octane number scale is defined by the volumetric composition of PRF blends. The sample fuel knock intensity is compared to that of one or more PRF blends.
The octane number of the PRF blend that matches the knock intensity of the sample fuel establishes the Research Octane Number.

The test method has a working range from 40 to 120 octane number. Typical commercial fuels produced for spark-ignition engines rate in the 88 to 101 Research Octane Number range. Testing of gasoline blend stocks or other process stream materials can produce ratings at various levels throughout the Research Octane Number range.

ASTM D2699 (RON) Application:

  • Research Octane Number correlates with commercial automotive spark-ignition engine antiknock performance under mild conditions of operation.
  • Research Octane Number is used by engine manufacturers, petroleum refiners and marketers, and in commerce as a primary specification measurement related to the matching of fuels and engines.
  • Research Octane Number is used for measuring the antiknock performance of spark-ignition engine fuels that contain oxygenates.
  • Research Octane Number is important in relation to the specifications for spark-ignition engine fuels. That are used in stationary and other nonautomotive engine applications.
  • Research Octane Number in conjunction with Motor Octane Number defines the antiknock index of automotive spark-ignition engine fuels. The antiknock index of a fuel approximates the Road octane ratings for many vehicles. Antiknock index = 0.5*RON + 0.5*MON
ASTM D2699 RON CFR test engine
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