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How to Reset Cylinder Height (for Basic Cylinder Height Setting) On SXCP Octane Engine Panel?

How to Reset Cylinder Height (for Basic Cylinder Height Setting) On SXCP Octane Engine Panel?

How to Reset Cylinder Height (for Basic Cylinder Height Setting) On XCP Octane Engine Panel

Firstly warm up the XCP octane engine under essentially standard operating conditions. 

Shut the XCP octane engine down and check that the ignition is turned off and fuel cannot enter the combustion chamber. Install a calibrated compression pressure gauge assembly on octane engine, Verify that the IGNITION switch is OFF and that all fuel has been drained from the carburetor.

Start the octane engine using the START switch and allow the unit to operate in a no ignition and no fuel mode.

Adjust the cylinder height so that the octane engine unit produces the basic compression pressure for the prevailing barometric pressure as prescribed by the relationship of below figure:

xcp octane engine cylinder height resetting


Do not operate the octane engine with fuel in any of the carburetor bowls or turn on the ignition switch when the Compression Pressure Gauge Assembly is mounted in the cylinder pickup hole. If combustion occurs in the cylinder with the gauge in place, the gauge assembly will be damaged. The gauge can be ejected that can cause serious personal injury or death.
While observing the compression pressure gauge, adjust the cylinder height so that the expected compression pressure is obtained. If the expected pressure reading is not repeated, further adjustment of the cylinder height may be required. The compression pressure value achieved is based on the prevailing barometric pressure at the location of the octane engine.

Index the cylinder height measurement device(s) to the appropriate value, uncompensated for barometric pressure: Digital Counter Reading of 930.

Click “Reset Digital Counter”, and the password input dialog box will pop up. After entering the password (user), the compensated value and uncompensated value of cylinder height are automatically reset to “930”.

XCP octane engine

Shut down the XCP octane engine allowing the engine to come to a complete stop. Deflate the Compression Pressure Gauge and then remove the gauge assembly from the pickup hole. Install the detonation pickup in the cylinder. Tighten the pickup to 30N·M using a torque wrench.

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