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How to Make a Standard Octane Test Report?

How to Make a Standard Octane Test Report?

I’ve been to many octane engines labs, and found that with SINPAR octane engine or Waukesha CFR engine (without a digital control panel), different octane test reports are provided after they complete fuel octane ratings. Some reports are even substandard or unreasonable. How to make a standard octane test report is especially important. A qualified octane test report shall display a series of necessary environmental and octane engines operating parameters during the test process, in addition to the octane rating results.

Waukesha cfr engine and sinpar octane engine
SINPAR Octane Engine and Waukesha Cfr Engine

The requirements for a standard test report with waukesha cfr engine in ASTM D2699 and ASTM D2700

1. Report the calculated bracketing procedure or the C.R. procedure result as Research Octane Number (RON)/Motor Octane Number (MON).

For ratings below 72.0 O.N., report the value to the nearest integer. When the calculated O.N. ends with a 0.50, round off to the nearest even number; example, round 67.50 and 68.50 to 68 O.N.

For ratings from 72.0 through 103.5 O.N., report the value to the nearest tenth. When the calculated O.N. ends with exactly 5 in the second decimal place, round to the nearest even tenth number; example, round 89.55 and 89.65 to 89.6 O.N.

For ratings above 103.5 O.N., report the value to the nearest integer. When the calculated O.N. ends with a 0.50, round off to the nearest even number; for example, round 105.50 and 106.50 to 106 O.N.

2. Report which procedure is used to determine the O.N.: bracketing-equilibrium fuel level (EQ), bracketing-dynamic fuel level (FL), or compression ratio (CR).

3. Report the octane engine room barometric pressure at the time of the rating.

4. Report the intake air temperature (RON) or mixture temperature (MON) used.

In addition to the above requirements of standards, we suggest that the following parameters and data should be recorded into the octane test report, so as to ensure more objective test results, as well as to help check and compare historical data and accumulate operation experience of octane engines:

1. Sample Name, Operator Name, Test Date &Time, Octane Engine No., Octane Engine Time Counter.

2. Cylinder Jacket Coolant Temperature, Oil Pressure &Temperature, CC Vacuum, Ignition Time, Engine Speed, Venturi Type.

3. C.R. Digital Counter Compensated & Uncompensated.

4. Detonation Meter Data: Meter Reading, Time Constant, Spread Reading.

The new model of SINPAR Octane Engine with control panel or Waukesha CFR engine with XCP panel, it can directly produce standard test reports and K.I. graphs with all the necessary data for you to print and save, that eliminates the need for operator manual calculations and manual recording. The test results become more accurate and objective and the testing process has also become more convenient. We believe that octane testing will become more and more convenient, and SINPAR has been working on R&D of the high-quality Octane Engines and committed to offer the perfect octane testing solutions.

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