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The Octane Engines Knock Measuring System Maintenance

The Octane Engines Knock Measuring System Maintenance

Octane engines knock measuring system includes a detonation pickup with a cable connecting to knock detonation measuring meter and knock reading display meter.

octane engines knock measuring system
Octane engines knock measuring system

The Detonation Pickup is a delicate transducer that requires careful handling by a qualified technician. Cleaning, inspection, and installation in the octane engine cylinder shall be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. When properly handled, the pickup is relatively trouble free and can be used for extended periods with minimum maintenance effort.

The Detonation Meter performance has indicated that only relatively minor maintenance is necessary. Inspection, repair, and qualification checks of these instruments should be performed at the manufacturer.


Do not attempt to remove the hot detonation pick up from the engines that have just been stopped. The pickup becomes very hot during octane engines operation. Hot components can cause severe personal injury.
– Protect the diaphragm from damage due either to mechanical force or abrasion. Avoid the use of scraping tools or abrasive cleaners that could mar the polished surface of the diaphragm. Failure to protect the diaphragm could result in severe product damage.
– Inspect the diaphragm surface for cracks. Surface cracks may be minute and require the use of a magnifier to observe. If a crack is observed, the pickup can usually be classed as non-repairable and it must be replaced.
– Detonation pickup repair can only be performed by manufacturer. If a pickup is indicated to be faulty or erratic during octane engines operation, it should be sent to manufacturer for inspection and repair.
– Tighten the detonation pickup to a torque setting of 30N⋅M and connect the pickup cable.

Setting Octane Engines Detonation Meter and Knock-meter System Zero

  1. Turn the Zero Adjustment switch ON, the TIME CONSTANT switch to 1, and the METER READING and SPREAD controls to nominal operating settings.
  2. Adjust the detonation meter ZERO Adjustment Control potentiometer to cause the knock-meter needle to read zero (0).

Setting Octane Engines Detonation Meter Operating Controls

See blog “Octane Engines Knock Detonation Meter” for Adjustment of Operating Variables for detailed instructions on adjusting and setting the SPREAD, METER READING, and TIME CONSTANT controls provided on the detonation meter instrument.

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