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Successful Test of Automatic Level Detection for Gasoline Octane Rating Engine

Successful Test of Automatic Level Detection for Gasoline Octane Rating Engine

The traditional octane rating engine usually needs manual operation of carburetor to find the liquid level and the maximum detonation reading, which makes the testing steps can not be carried out continuously. It takes a long time and increases the human error. Even a skilled laboratory technician can not overcome this shortcoming.

Shanghai R&D Center has successfully solved this problem through independent research and development, using the world’s leading infrared photoelectric detection technology. This technology replaces the traditional manual operation process. The detection process does not need manual intervention. It not only saves the labor cost, but also reduces the differences and human errors of manual operation. The detection device has been successfully applied to the octane rating engine. It has strong anti-interference ability. And it can accurately and sensitively detect the instantaneous change of detonation signal caused by liquid level passing. It can be more intuitive and intuitive. It can reflect the maximum detonation readings of various oil products more accurately and objectively. The patented technology enables octane rating engine to carry out automatic detection work on the premise of minimizing human participation, which greatly improves work efficiency and experimental accuracy. And that is well received by users.

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