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SINPAR Octane Engine Technology Seminar

SINPAR Octane Engine Technology Seminar

On January 15-16, 2018, SINPAR held the “Octane Engine Technology Seminar” in Shanghai, and invited overseas partners and user representatives to participate in the technical seminar.

At the seminar, SINPAR showed the latest model FTC-M2 SXCP Combination RON&MON method Octane Engine, and introduced in detail shows such as technical parameters, operational demonstration, function features of Octane SXCP Digital Control Panel. And performed octane tests with reliable results. At the same time, the octane test data was presented. For the accuracy of the test results that everyone is generally concerned with, we performed comparative octane tests with Waukesha CFR engines. And the results were shown. The test data and results are in full compliance with the ASTM D2699 & ASTM D2700 standard.

Participants were active in discussing new technologies and sharing their experiences with each other in the octane testing technology seminar. The customer representatives and technicians highly valued and recognized the performance and quality of the new model octane engine. After in-depth discussions, the partners have gained a deeper understanding of SXCP octane engines and increased their confidence in the equipment. The SINPAR R&D team has learned more about the requirements and advises from the partners and users. We will continue to improve the octane test equipment to meet customer needs.

THE ROAD OF INNOVATION NEVER ENDS, we have always been devoted to provide more perfect technical solutions and product.

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 SINPAR FTC-M2 SXCP Combination RON&MON method Octane Engine
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