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RON and MON Test Methods Conversion on FTC-M2 Combo Engine

RON and MON Test Methods Conversion on FTC-M2 Combo Engine

RON&MON in One Test Engine
The FTC-M2 Combo RON MON Test Engine provides a quick and easy conversion between Research Method (RON ASTM D2699) and Motor Method (MON ASTM D2700). The conversion requires only one button switching of engine speeds and changing of carburetor jets, all in less than two minutes, with no further actions required.
Two methods are accomplished in one engine within a short time, it is a huge cost saving.

Combo RON MON test engine methods conversion
FTC-M2 Combo RON MON Test Engine, Research method and Motor method conversion.

The Research/ Motor Method Conversion is easily and quickly accomplished on FTC-M2 Combo Engine. That uses a Dual-Speed motor to allow adjustment of engine speed to meet both Research (600 RPM) and Motor (900 RPM) Method specifications. The operator only needs to select the engine speed by pushing the button on the panel and change the RON or MON method’s carburetor jets. No need to adjust fly wheel and belts manually. This design saves a lot of time for octane test operation.

Actually, the FTC-M2 Combo Octane Engine is designed to further facilitate the conversion between the RON and MON methods while fully complying with the ASTM D2699 and D2700 standards, thus saving time and cost. Particularly for laboratories that do not have a large number of samples to test but require results from both RON&MON methods, just one Combo Test Engine can be installed to meet their needs, resulting in great cost savings.

Combo RON MON Test Engine FTC-M2
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