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Representatives of Indonesian national oil company visit Sinpar

Representatives of Indonesian national oil company visit Sinpar

On January 20, 2017, Representatives of Indonesian national oil company Pertamina came to visit Sinpar plant for inspection of Sinpar octane engines and business negotiations. We showed and introduced the customer in detail about Octane test engines production, products technical function, octane test operation demonstration and the company’s future planning prospects.

The technical experts of the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the technical parameters and functional characteristics of Sinpar octane engines, and made the fuel octane tests by motor method(MON) and research method(RON) according to the detailed requirements of the ASTM standard. Sinpar octane engines have passed their technical evaluation comparing with Waukesha CFR octane engine. These have promoted further cooperation between the two sides.

As the professional manufacturer of octane rating engines in China, Sinpar is always committed to R&D and producing high quality petroleum testing equipment comply with ASTM standard and focus on offer the perfect solutions for fuel testing. We are confident to provide customers with reliable high-performance products and quality service and support.

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