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Octane Rating Engine: Basic Cylinder Height Setting Steps

Octane Rating Engine: Basic Cylinder Height Setting Steps

  1. Operate the octane rating engine for sufficient time to reach temperature equilibrium, on a typical sample fuel, at standard operating conditions with the intake air temperature regulated to the value specified for the prevailing barometric pressure.
  2. Using the compression pressure gage assembly to determine the compression pressure.
Compression pressure gage assembly

The following steps shall be performed as quickly as possible to ensure that the pressure readings represent hot engine conditions.
(1) Shut the octane rating engine down, and positioning the engine power switch to off.
(2) Remove the detonation pickup and install the gage assembly in the combustion chamber pickup hole.
(3) Determine the prevailing barometric pressure and using below Fig., read the compression pressure expected for cylinder height instrument indexing.

(4) Restart the octane engine and operate in a motoring mode only.

(5) Observe the compression pressure gage reading and adjust the cylinder height so that the expected compression pressure is indicated. Release the pressure once or twice using the deflator valve and make any required change in cylinder height so that the expected compression pressure is obtained.

(6) For C.R. digital counter assemblies, the basic digital counter reading is set to 930. For dial indicator assemblies, the basic dial indicator reading is set to 0.352 in.

(7) Shut the octane rating unit down, remove the compression pressure gage assembly, install the detonation pickup with a new gasket, and tighten the pickup.

Regarding the more details about the steps of basic cylinder height setting on octane rating engine with SXCP panel, please see “How to Reset Cylinder Height (for Basic Cylinder Height Setting) On SXCP Octane Engine Panel?” in our blog.

Octane rating engine/CFR octane test engine
Octane Rating Engine Unit
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