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SINPAR 2019 Octane Engine Training Overviews

SINPAR 2019 Octane Engine Training Overviews

As of December 10, 2019, SINPAR 2019 Octane Engine training courses have been successfully completed. We thank all the students from all over the world and wish them all the best in their work and good health.

A total of 10 regular training sessions were held in 2019 at SINPAR Training Center in Shanghai, China, once a month from March to December 2019. In total, more than 80 students have completed the training courses and been granted the training certificate.
In addition to regular training, we also organized several special targeted trainings according to the special requirements of customers about the training time and training contents.

In addition, in 2019 we have offered on-site training courses in the user lab. More than 50 operators were trained on site.

The Octane Training mainly include the below training courses according to the most current ASTM Methods D2699 and D2700:
Octane engine operation, SXCP octane operation, Octane engine maintenance, Crankcase and Cylinder Overhaul, Control system maintenance.

SINPAR offers a comprehensive octane engine training solution.
Please contact your local distributor or send mail to SUPPORT@SH-SINPAR.COM for Octane Engine Training.

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