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Octane Engine Services During COVID-19

Octane Engine Services During COVID-19

During this COVID-19 pandemic, SINPAR service team has suspended the on-site octane engine services due to safety and health concerns. But our team is still there to support you and your labs and operations during this time. We have been working hard to continue to provide our customers with technical supports and solutions through online system. And we also adopt some more effective ways to provide assistance according to the specific situation of users.

Since February 2020, the SINPAR Service team has provided timely and effective technical supports and solutions, such as technical training, operation support, installation support, maintenance and repair technical support, to more than 50 laboratories through the online service system.

SINPAR online octane engine services have the characteristics of timeliness and professionalism. The online services contents we can provide includes the following:

  • Octane engine installation guidance.
  • Octane engine operation training.
  • Octane engine maintenance and overhaul technical supports.
  • Troubleshoot and assist in solving emergent problems during the operation.

In any case, the SINPAR team will stick with the Professional, Efficient and Prompt service to ensure that you use our equipment without any worries.

If you need technical support or are facing some technical problems, please contact our local distributor or email us directly at Or you can leave us a message on our website. SINPAR service term is always here to support you and your labs during this time. And we want to thank you for being our customer.

In the next few months, we will gradually resume normal on-site octane engine services and technical supports in accordance with the pandemic situation in each country and region.

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