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Cfr Octane Engines Intake Air Temperature Adjustment

Cfr Octane Engines Intake Air Temperature Adjustment

According to standard ASTM D2699 (RON), cfr octane engines Intake Air Temperature (IAT) is set 52±1°C (125 ± 2°F). It is specified for operation at standard barometric pressure of 101.0 kPa (29.92 in. Hg).

cfr octane engines intake air temperature

According to standard ASTM D2700 (MON), cfr octane engines Intake Air Temperature(IAT) is set 38 ±2.8°C (100±5°F), Intake Mixture Temperature—149±1°C (300 ±2°F) maintained within 1°C (62°F). When CR or KI results used for octane determination on each fuel are collected.

cfr octane engines mixture temperature

It’s very convenient to set the Intake temperatures on Octane engine FTC-M2. Intake temperature is set automatically as the test method (Research/Motor) is chose. It does not need to manually set and adjust intake air/mixture temperatures during octane rating operation.

Cfr Octane Engines Temperatures System

Temperature measurement of cfr engines operating conditions is performed using mercury in glass thermometers. The conditions for temperature measurement are as follows:
① Thermometer for Intake Air Temperature
② Thermometer for Intake Mixture Temperature
③ Thermometer for Jacket Coolant Temperature

Temperature Controller
The temperature controllers are constructed in operation panel of the cfr engines. The temperature controllers are as follows:
① Intake Air Temperature Controller
② Intake Mixture Temperature Controller
③ Lubricating Oil Temperature Controller
The temperatures can be adjusted manually using the temperature controllers, in addition to the automatic temperatures setting feature in the upgraded octane engines system.

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