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CFR Knock Test Engine-How to Test Octane Number

CFR Knock Test Engine-How to Test Octane Number

The most accurate way to test actual octane number is to use CFR knock test engine/SINPAR Octane knock test engine. The explosion octane number of knock test engine is measured by burning fuel and physical measurement. These tests have a repeatability of 0.2 RON/MOM (same operator/same laboratory) and a reproducibility of 0.7 RON/0.9 MON (different operators in different laboratories). Themethod octane number of each sample was tested according to the ASTM D2699/D2700. This is a test method for fuel refineries. This is also the method we use in all our tests, which allows them to pass certification and independent tests.

RON/MON CFR knock test engine is basically carburetor, single cylinder, variable pressure engine. The head can be raised and lowered to change the pressure ratio, thereby increasing the explosive strength. By reading the explosion intensity at a given compression ratio, the operator can determine the alkane number of the fuel sample. The knock test engine must be preheated to maintain the oil temperature from 38 C to 54 C and the diverter vacuum of 2 – 3Hg. The air/fuel ratio remains at a high correction constant. Before each test, the isooctane mixtures of toluene and known octanes are checked by engine for reference and calibration. Ron’s test was conducted at 600 rpm, and the intake and air/fuel feeding temperatures were adjusted at 52 C. Ignition timing is maintained at BTDC 13 degrees.

CFR knock test engine for octane testing
CFR knock test engine-octane number testing
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