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Installation Conditions of CFR Engine

Installation Conditions of CFR Engine

The laboratory where the CFR engine is installed shall conform to the following conditions:

It is desirable that the laboratory should be established in the ground floor. And its floor should be bright and clean without dust. The environment around the laboratory is required to be dry.

The temperature in the laboratory shall be controlled within the range of 5℃~30℃ and keep relatively stable.

380V with 50/60Hz three-phase power supply for CFR engines shall be ready in the laboratory.

Installation of the engine and instrumentation requires placement of the engine on a suitable foundation and hook-up of all utilities. Engineering and technical support for this function is required. And the user shall be responsible to comply with all local and national codes and installation requirements.

Proper operation of the CFR octane engine requires assembly of a number of engine components and adjustment of a series of engine variables to prescribed specifications. Some of these settings are established by component specifications, others are established at the time of CFR engine assembly or after overhaul, and still others are engine running conditions that must be observed or determined by the operator during the testing process.

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CFR engine installation
CFR octane engine/octane rating unit installation
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